Dad writes a Foreword....

The most perfect thing about imperfection is the range......the range of nuances, the flavour, the kind that Perfection always falls short of. For a very long time I've believed that a passion and imperfection can co-exist, infact they compliment each other.
And what's imperfection anyway when it comes to food.
I envy the people who cook everyday - cook ordinary and then have a whole family crave for their culinary mediocrity. Because food is euphoric in any degree of finesse....or the lack of it.

I remember a big-eyed, 11 year old Gauri's face when her cheese toasts browned beautifully and she thought it was magic in her hands....
the pangs of imperfection were a few years away !!

Imperfection also has a synonym's Creativity. Creating beyond the obvious. Creating short of Perfection and denying the luxury of anticipation...
Therefore, I have this to say to Gauri - It's okay if you strike perfection once in a while but it's great to know when you are almost there..... again and again........


  1. Amazing forward by uncle...... This is just so true for all of us....
    Gauri.... u really have magic in ure fingers.... I tasted it... n want more of it.. ;)

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